We offer three services to prepare directors to serve:

  • Qualify and vet candidates for their board readiness and ideal fit;
  • Assess and prepare candidates to focus on finding the ideal director role; and
  • Certify professionals for board roles and offer continuing board education

We use our best-in-class proprietary tool, to assess and vet candidates for their readiness to serve on boards.

The assessment includes a profile of the candidate’s board style, based on a psychometric tool developed by BoardWise. Underlying the model is an algorithm used to match individual registrants to possible board assignments, based on their fit and readiness for specific types of board. Members can also use the findings to improve their board readiness capabilities by scheduling one-hour coaching sessions with a BoardWise certified board coach to discuss their board style and preferences; to learn about ideal board fit and how to find the right opportunities; and to improve their own effectiveness while serving on a board.

    Assess and Prepare to Serve with Board Access ProgramTM

Executives exercise their leadership in organizations around the global every day. While many have strengths they could bring to board governance, director positions often seem out of reach.

The Board Access™ Program helps professionals with ambitions to serve on boards. It is designed to help you craft your professional development agenda and support you with resources to make it happen. The program is open to seasoned men and women globally.

Assessing Your Eligibility

Our program begins with your completion of an online assessment of your readiness to serve on board, using our Board Bona Fide™ best in class evaluation. This tool helps us to guide you about your eligibility and fit and identifies actions you can take to increase your candidacy.

Once you complete the assessment, you are automatically enrolled in our Board Bona Fide registry, our database for aspirational candidates who wish to be considered for positions in the future. If a company contacts us to conduct a search of our private registry for them and your profile is a strong fit, we contact you to see if you would like your name put forward. If you say yes, then we put you both in touch. We are not a search firm and do not receive fees for our candidate availability service.

Coaching and Support

The Board Access™ Program helps professionals with ambitions to serve on boards. It is designed to help you craft your professional development agenda and support you with resources to make it happen. The program is open to seasoned men and women globally.

You have access to participate in a staged board simulation, as well as workshops in Hot Topics in Governance. These are offered three times a year.

You may also elect to participate in our board certification program, which provides a thorough training in corporate governance. Our certification program is endorsed by the United Nations and is a 5 day program. Members of Board Access may attend this at a discounted fee.

We also support international mentoring and coaching programs for aspiring directors. We are proud to contribute to the international Global Women on Boards Mentorship Program, managed by Lead-Women, Sdn Bhd., located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2011. Learn more about the annual program here.


We introduce you to board recruiters and sitting board members who can help you with advice and guidance to help you meet your goals.

In addition to the above components, you are eligible to attendour full suite of governance programs, consultation support, online webinars and best practices newsletters. Our BoardGovernance workshops address topics critical to board members. The workshops are interactive sessions with men and women who sit on boards providing both opportunities for development and connections.

  • Audit Committees – How to identify issues before they are problems
  • Forensics – What happens when the SEC calls
  • Cyberattacks – How to prepare and monitor for protection
  • Corporate Brand, Marketing and Social Media – Board’s role in monitoring and positioning
  • Board Ethics – How to manage impending and potential issues and leadership dilemmas
  • Governance in International Markets – How to create standards when operating in different regulatory governance areas around the globe

With the constant changes in regulations and requirements, continuing education for directors is vital. So, too, is the need to prepare aspirational directors for their understanding of roles, duties and issue management.

BoardWise provides several options for professional certification to serve on boards.

  • Board Professional Expert© Certification
  • Maximize Your Board Potential
  • Governance Success: Effective Private Company Boards and Directors Certification
  • Specialized Programs and Seminars


Board Professional Expert© Certification

Become an exemplary board leader by taking this four level series, which includes two days of training per level:

Level One: Professional

These two days focus on understanding corporate governance, its purpose, director accountability, governance principles and models, board oversight, roles and expectations, board relationships, committees, leadership and checks and balances in responsibilities.

Level Two: Senior Professional

These two days address expertise required for directors, including knowledge, information, standards, regulations and reputation. It reviews codes of ethics, integrity, best practices and disclosure obligations. Participants evaluate where boards can go wrong through misalignment, conflicts of interest, power issues and how to read early signs of trouble. This module introduces the requirements and methods to meet them, including annual board evaluations, qualifications for diversity within the board and what best practices can be adopted to improve board contributions to a company.

Level Three: Expert Professional

These two days consider the impact of board interactions on success. It looks at the role of the board in: corporate strategy, evaluating execution, committee work, working relationship with management, and reporting and disclosure to the company, its shareholders and publics. It reviews the latest issues and solutions to managing shareholder rights and engagement.

Level Four: Board Leader

The final two days address governance in an international setting. Directors of multinational companies have obligations to understand regulatory and compliance requirements which differ by country. This module considers the various institutional frameworks across countries. It also addresses the board’s economic governance role. It looks at strategies to address favorability with institutional investors. It review the director’s role in foreign investments, SRI funds and meeting eligibility for investments according to the new corporate indices for environmental, social and governance responsiveness.

The curriculum includes a mix of interactive, case-based learning, online sessions and facilitated group learning designed to stimulate rigorous thinking and practical knowledge.

The program is endorsed and certified by the United Nations UNITAR training program. Participants – for each level they pass --receive a dual certificate from UNITAR and BoardWise, the global governance firm which designed and delivers the program.

By completing this certification program, participants will:

  • Understand and prioritize roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the economic, regulatory, legal, reputation and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Learn about best practices for evaluating company financial and strategic performance
  • Develop working knowledge of fundamental financial and auditing metrics, strategic questions to explore with auditors, CFOs and consultants
  • Improve committee effectiveness and contributions
  • Consider ways to improve board mix, meeting effectiveness, relationship with shareholders and stakeholder and increase overall corporate reputation.
  • Compare practices and ideas with director colleagues from other companies who participant.

Maximize Your Own Potential

This certification program in global governance offers a unique and exceptional opportunity to work with directors from many countries to define good governance when your business crosses multiple countries with differing regulatory demands. It is an extraordinary opportunity to apply your knowledge and expertise in a dynamic and changing environment where no “right answers” exist yet.

Schedule announcements for programs appear in the Join Us registration section of our website. For more information, please refer to the program brochure. Members of our Boardwise community qualify for a 15% discount on the program fee.

Governance Success: Effective Private Company Boards and Directors© Certification Program

Privately-held and family–owned businesses share special needs for corporate governance success.

BoardWise provides a 4-day professional certification program which addresses the key issues to successfully prepares directors in corporate governance from the special viewpoint of private and closely-held companies. This engaging, dynamic program includes two modules of two days each, available quarterly. Participants who complete the two sessions (4 days) receive a certification endorsed by two organizations: the United Nations UNITAR training and certification organization and BoardWise.

Who Should Attend?

Board directors and C-level executives who report to boards of privately or closely-held companies will benefit from this program.

What to Expect

The program is highly interactive and uses the popular methods of case-based learning and role-playing simulations. Contemporary cases and actual situations are used to stimulate group discussions. The program includes a test at the end of each module. Participants must receive 80% or better to qualify for the certification.

Program Outline

Our fundamental program includes:

Governance Success: Effective Private Company Boards and Directors© Certification Program

Module One: Introduction to Corporate Governance
Module Two: The Board’s Role in Strategy and Innovation
Module Three: The CEO, Board and Shareholder Dynamics
Module Four: Boards and Big Decisions

Customization to meet special company and industry needs is available as well.

Why This Program?

Taught by world-class global experts in corporate governance, you will:

  • Understand and improve the value and effectiveness of your board;
  • Learn the latest in governance issues and how to manage them;
  • Prioritize board roles and responsibilities;
  • Understand the economic, legal, reputation and fiduciary responsibilities of directors;
  • Learn about best practices for evaluating company financial and strategic performance;
  • Improve committee effectiveness and personal director contributions;
  • Consider ways to improve board mix, meeting effectiveness, relationships with shareholders and stakeholders and increase overall corporate reputation;
  • Compare practices and ideas with director colleagues from other companies who participate;
  • Become a more effective, knowledgeable leader in corporate governance.

Please refer to our website for locations and dates of our certification programs.

Class offering dates and locations will expand as warranted, so please check the website for current updates on offerings at http://www.boardwise.biz.

  Specialized Programs and Seminars

In addition to certification training, BoardWise provides specialized global programs on late- breaking governance issues. Directors can learn from seasoned, expert public company directors who have the knowledge and experience to keep directors in dynamic, high-growth companies current. Our HOT TOPICS IN GOVERNANCE WORKSHOP SERIES addresses timely key governance issues of our time. Stay tuned for sessions on cybersecurity, shareholder activism, compensation, CEO succession, work cultures free of hostile or MeToo issues, shifts from principle-based to regulatory governance and emerging trends in the face of vexing challenges. We also provide online webinars with partners BoardProspects and illumeo, and our international workshops with our partners, including Deloitte, DLA Partners, Westwood and Wilshire and Watermark.

CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS are available. We address virtually all important board governance topics, bringing together international colleagues together to meet and demystify complex governance issues and provide best practices to address them.

Read more about our Workshops >>>.