It is time to reframe our orientation about the issue of Me, Too. Why aren’t we talking about “Never Me”?

“Me, too” focuses on victimization. “Never Me” defines a world where harassment and abuse are obsolete.

We need to educate, train and clarify what behaviors and attitudes about relating to each other are ok and which are not. People need to have the skills and wisdom to know this will never be me. #NeverMe.

We created and offer three workshops – Never Me – to address this with three groups:

  • Boards: Directors’ duty of care to maintain safe, healthy corporate cultures in the companies they direct
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  • Managers: How to build capabilities and practices to eradicate this issue
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  • Individuals: Employees, students, men and women to arm them with understanding and skills to make Never Me a reality.
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These workshops are designed as either 2 or 3 hours, based on your attendee size. Sessions can include up to 50 participants.

Our intent is to be part of the solution in becoming better people in a better world.

Call to learn more at: 510-517-7791.

Marilyn Nagel Addresses Board’s Role to End Harrassment