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Date: March 6, 2018         Location: Kenya      Back to Event Calendar

Deepen your international governance?

The Global Women on Boards 2018 program can be the perfect opportunity.

The Global Women on Boards Programme 2018 is a 6-month programme providing participants with a global perspective on board governance, leadership and dynamics in boardrooms. The programme will be conducted in 2 modules: the 1st module 6-9th March in Nairobi, Kenya and the 2nd module in Kuala Lumpur 11-14th September.

The purpose of the programme is to:

1. Provide a global outlook and exposure to new markets
2. Open regional or international board opportunities for women    
3. Surface the unconscious bias on diversity and merit at board levels
4. Extend the network circles
5. Tap into a global board mentoring platform

Boardwise is an program contributor. Dr. Hamlin serves as a mentor as well. The list of international mentors from the UK, USA, Asia and Africa is available online. For programme details please visit


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